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F18 universal metal thirty percent moonlight treasure box bluetooth keyboard

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Model: BTK055

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Condition: New, 1 year warranty!

Promotion price: AU $56.23

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Product Description:

Product specifications and materials:
A combined size: 22.6 * 5.6 * 5.6 cm
Unfold size: 22.6 * 16.8 * 16.8 cm
Packing weight: 0.36 kg
The bare weight: 0.24 kg
Packing box size: 24.3 * 9 * 2.3 cm
Packing size: 46.6 * 24.7 * 24.7 cm
The number of packing: 40 / box
Battery capacity: 400 mah
Charging time: 3 to 4 hours
2 ma working current:
Sleep current: < 0.2 mA
Operating voltage: 3.0 ~ 3.7 V
Continuous work time: 80 hours
Standby time: 180 days or so
Use the distance: within 10 meters

The connection method:
The broadcom bluetooth 3.0 wireless chip

Support system and suitable model:
Support apple ios, android, android, Microsoft Windows system, suitable for all kinds of smartphones and lighter weight intelligent tablets

Product features:
Thirty percent ultra-thin fashion design with stents, the aluminum alloy shell material high-grade fashion comfortable, open when not in use when used together, convenient for carrying and convenient, intelligent magnetic induction switch, metal box in high oxidation surface treatment, chocolate type ABS comfortable buttons, use the feel is good, durable, support the apple ios, android android, Microsoft Windows system, suitable for various models of smartphones and intelligent tablet weight is lighter, and it is not manual switching system connection and bluetooth keyboard intelligent switch using a matching system.

Product packaging and accessories:
1. F18 metal thirty percent moonlight treasure box bluetooth keyboard
2. USB charging line
3. English instruction
4. packaging

Note and instructions:
Other languages can also be customized, but should have certain quantity can be customized.

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